About Helanville, “mysterious artists’ accommodation” (broadcaster VPRO)

Helanville is created by Helcia Cino in 1996.
Main goal was and is exposing the work of art of Helcia. But in those 'website pioneering days', more artist inhabited Helanville and exposed their work as well.

Helanville has been awarded as
Best Website several times (a.o. newspaper NRC, Xs4all.nl, Digital City).

Helanville is built with all kind of material washed ashore. It has been renovated and expanded several times.
The Bounty Island has become an artwork of its own.

At www.helcia.com you can view the work without any beaches or pools.


Helcia Cino    

full of artists in 1996 restaurant 2000 2011 - 15 years sketch 2006 2011